Absolute Perfection Cleaning, LLC

About Us

Owner Susan Scott

Absolute Perfection Cleaning has its roots in a small cleaning business that originally launched in southern Colorado in 2005, when owner Susan Scott began cleaning homes for other members of her church. The business grew substantially based on the satisfaction and referrals of those first clients.

In 2009, Susan relocated to Windsor, Colorado and relaunched the business as Absolute Perfection Cleaning. Today, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality services for local homeowners.

And unlike many large franchises, we give the time and attention necessary to leave our own personal touch in every home — ensuring that surfaces are truly clean and sanitary. So you can enjoy walking into a refreshing environment after a long day of work.

Our Employees

Our team members are drug tested and background checked prior to being employed, and we also ensure that they receive proper training on best practices. We're committed to serving you with the integrity and quality you expect when you invite us into your home.


Cally is my manager. She goes to the jobs and checks the quality of the work and also helps the other cleaners stay on schedule.  She can help you with any questions you have about the business.  She occasionally will be cleaning if we are short another cleaner.  She is very good at her job.


Amelia is a very detailed cleaner.  She just works and works.  She does such a good job on everything she touches.  She is a joy to work with but you don't always see it because she is so busy working.


Kelsie is good at what she does. She works very hard and is really concerned about the quality of her work. She is a fun person to work with but is very aware of how well she does the job. We are pleased to have Kelsie working for us.


Trish has been cleaning for a few years and is very prompt and conciencious about the work she does.  She is very reliable and a good worker too. 


Karen will make your home look nice and clean.  She is a great cleaner and very concerned about the job quality.  She has been cleaning for a few years and does an excellent job.


Jessica is a very dedicated employee.  She is very concerned about getting the job done correctly and works very hard at it.  She will be sure your home is cleaned the best she can.  She is always on top of things.


Bonnie is also a good cleaner and hard worker.  She will make your home wonderful. She is always concerned about doing a good job for her clients.

After relocating to Loveland, CO two years ago, I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to find a cleaning service that would meet my expectations. Lucky for me, I found Susan Scott and Absolute Perfection Cleaning right away, and they have been cleaning my house for the last two years. I couldn't be happier! Susan and her cleaning crew are extremely reliable and punctual. In two years, I have never known them to be late for an appointment. They are also extremely careful, efficient, and most of all, they ARE absolute perfectionists! A perfect name for a perfect cleaning service!
Barbara C.
Loveland, Colorado